Jolene Loetscher Officially Kicks off “Let’s Go, Jo!” Mayoral Campaign

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.- Jolene Loetscher has officially announced her bid for the 2018 mayor’s seat in a kickoff event Friday morning at the River Greenway Amphitheater.

Loetscher is a business owner and activist in the Sioux Falls community.

She says she decided to run for mayor to create the best city she could for her young daughter to grow up in.

Loetscher’s campaign focuses on what she calls the “City of Opportunity.”

“We believe that the city of Sioux Falls is truly the city of opportunity, and we want to keep building those opportunity for all people that are in Sioux Falls and will come to Sioux Falls. Doing that through economic development, through smart spending, through work/play opportunities, and then of course making sure that our families are strong and safe.”

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