Egan Family Uses Son’s Story to Bring Awareness to Childhood Cancer

SHERMAN, S.D.- September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and an Egan South Dakota family is using their son’s story to highlight the importance of the month and help other families going through similar situations.

Five-year-old Tayden Grohs had a smile that could light up the whole room and even after he was diagnosed with brain cancer his smile never went away

“He fought hard and he was always smiling, always in a good mood. He was an awesome kid,” says Family friend Rita Thode.

And that’s how many of his family members still remember him to this day. Even when he gained his angel wings in 2015, his presence is still felt by many. On Saturday, many gathered to remember and honor him by coming to support the family through the 5th annual ‘Taking a Ride for Tayden’. The family says the event has continued to grow over the years and they also use the day to bring awareness to childhood cancer.

“With this ride, that’s why it’s always held in September, to raise awareness. Tayden’s mom and dad; Danielle and Trevor, they do a lot to raise awareness,” says Tayden’s Aunt, Deidra Bonte.

The family is also donating the proceeds from the event to Cure Kids Cancer and to the family of five-year-old Jessica, who is battling Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Rita and Brooke Thode have been helping with the benefit since the very beginning. They say they know Tayden’s family is not alone in this fight and they want to show other families the same support.

“Just so they know they are not alone, there are other families out here to help them, to support them. Nobody should have to go through this alone,” says Thode.

A little boy that had a big heart and loved to share still continues to make a difference.

“We know that he is here with us today and he’s watching over all of us,” says Bonte. He’s excited to see how many people have shown up to honor him and keep his memory alive,”

The family also hosts ‘Tay it Forward’ day every June, in honor of Tayden’s birthday.

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