Mother Uses Daughter’s Story to Advocate For Suicide Prevention

TEA, S.D.- Losing a loved one to suicide is a grief many across the world have felt, but a Tea mother is using her daughter’s loss to bring awareness to others about National Suicide Prevention Week.

“She was the all American girl I always say, she was an athlete, she was an amazing goalie in hockey,” says Angela Drake, as she talks about her daughter.

Angela Drake can go on and on about the type of person her daughter Brittany Corcoran was. See her children are the center of her world and as a mother she always did everything she could for them, but one thing she couldn’t take away was what Brittany was going through.

“My daughter Brittany fought a long battle with depression and anxiety. Unfortunately, we lost her in March of 2016,” says Drake.

The pain of losing her star hockey goalie and baby girl still lingers.

“This disease is a sad terrible disease, that takes too many people,” says Drake.

Despite what happened to her, she’s found strength in her faith and her children to speak up about suicide.

“I’ve always been a mom that talked about my kids, fought for what they needed, and been an advocate for them. This is no different for me,” says Drake.

Angela has been an advocate for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, even before she lost her daughter and now she’s more determined than ever to continue to be a voice for her daughter and others, especially during times like National Suicide Prevention Week.

“We can’t get anywhere; if we are just sweeping it under the rug or hiding it in the closet and not talking about it. The more that we can do to educate ourselves, the more that we can do to prevent this,” says Drake.

Although the pain of losing a child is something that one can’t get used to, Angela says time slowly heals the wounds.

“If you don’t have enough hope to hold on to yourself, find somebody to help you hold on to it,” says Drake.

The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention is holding a walk to ‘Fight Suicide’ on September 23, in Sioux Falls.

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