Healthcare Officials Celebrate Simulation Week and Its Impact

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.- This week health care professionals across the world are in the spotlight for Simulation Week. It’s designed to showcase the training professionals undergo to improve safety and efficiency in patient care.

“They are life like, they are realistic, we can use that particular equipment to train the clinical staff on how to handle various types of situations,” says Sanford Health Simulation Director, Travis Spier.

It’s one of the latest techniques that officials at Sanford Health are using to help healthcare professionals improve patient care. Simulation focuses on re-enacting real life experiences such as this pregnant woman, who’s about to give birth. Officials say showing delivery scenarios like this help better prepare staff.

“Having that exposure; the ability to continue to practice at it and refine your skills improves patient outcomes on the back end,” says Spier.

This week officials nationwide are celebrating Simulation Week and the improvements it is bringing to the healthcare industry.Travis Spier has been teaching simulation classes locally and around the state. He says with the healthcare industry growing, it’s important to use tools like simulation to better train future doctors and nurses.

“The use of the mannequins and technology to really compliment the clinical education and delivery of education for clinicians,” says Spier.

He also hopes by showing booths like this the public can better understand the work health providers do. As part of Simulation Week, officials will also be taking their stations on the road traveling to surrounding states. Their next stop is Wednesday in Rock Rapids, Iowa.

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