Tri-Valley School District Walks Back Offer

The superintendent sent a letter to home-school parents offering a free laptop

COLTON, S.D. – A letter sent out by the Tri-Valley School District is creating some backlash.

The district invited home-school students to attend school in the district for one day, Sept. 29. In the letter, Superintendent Mike Lomdel said school districts in South Dakota receive funding based on the number of students enrolled in the district on that date. The letter says the district would be willing to purchase new laptops for each student who attends school that day.

The Tri-Valley School Board would says they were involved in the decision, and that they talked to the school district’s attorney before sending the letter.

Governor Dennis Daugaard’s Office released a statement on the letter, calling it “an attempt to scam the school funding formula”. It goes on to say the Governor is disappointed that the school district was trying to get around the formula’s intent.

After receiving backlash, Tri-Valley has decided not to go through with the plans.

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