Garth & Trisha Weigh in on Pressures of 9 Performances, Trisha Hits Thunder Road

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.- Country legend Garth Brooks and his wife Trisha Yearwood are performing Sundayevening at the Denny Sanford PREMIER Center.

It will be their 4th show in just three days. Next weekend, they’ll be performing another 5.

With this many concerts, the duo says there is some pressure.

Garth Brooks admits he arrived with a bit of cold in Sioux Falls Friday.

But he says thankfully for him, the audience knows a lot of the words to his songs.

So when he strikes the first four cords of ‘Friends In Low Places’ it’s the fans that are doing the majority of the work.

As for his wife, it’s keeping up with Garth that is the hardest part.

“My biggest pressure is that, because I come out in the middle of the show, there is an energy that Garth creates on stage. I’m a lot more laid back as a performer than him. But I’ve learned on this tour, I have to keep that energy up, because I don’t want to leave the stage and have to have him fix it you know?” said Trisha Yearwood.

“You got to realize, you’ve been on stage for about 7 hours, that kinda gets you, so if you don’t think about that you’ll be fine and it just all goes by in a flash anyway,” said Garth Brooks.

The pair also knows that many fans will be seeing their concert more than once, so there will be small adjustments.

But Trisha says the easiest way to hear the song you want, is to write it on a sign and hold it up at the concert.

On Friday the two said they’ll be checking out what Sioux Falls has to offer while they are here.
And they’re holding true to that!

During Trisha Yearwood’s ‘coffee talk’ segment she holds every Saturday… You can see the country and cooking expert driving the go-Carts at Thunder Road.

Yearwood called it ‘Race Day in South Dakota’.

The General Manager at Thunder Road says Trisha came in around 9 a.m., when the fun park is usually closed.

And the group had to wait a bit to ride the go-carts because of rain.

“Trisha was like ‘yeah I’m a good Georgia girl, I know how to race some go-karts’. A lot of people right after it rains would spin out, but she did really well. She was really just a wonderful genuine person, they were very gracious. It was just wonderful to have them around the town,” said Ryan Friez, Thunder Road General Manager.

Trisha drove the number 12 single go-cart.

Friez says since then, multiple people have asked and sought out that car.