Someone You Should Know: Couple Becomes Safe Haven For Children

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.- Experts say millions of children in the United States are in need of a safe place to live. A Sioux Falls couple is doing their part by nearly doubling their family’s size.

Soon, they could be recognized nationally for turning their home into a safe haven.

It was love at first sight for Danny and Kansas Fergen

“And we just knew from day one, that we wanted to spend our lives together,” says Kansas Fergen, as she talks about how she and her husband met.

The couple tied the knot June 11th, 2007, but before getting married, they always knew they wanted a big family, the non-traditional way. 

“We see the joy and the love our family can provide for not only our biological children but adoptive children. It’s just been so fun to do life together,” says Kansas Fergen.

In 2008, they adopted their first son Coyer from Texas and later went on to adopt 2 more boys from North Carolina and Minnesota, while also having 2 of their own children. Now a family of seven, life is truly an adventure for the Fergens. Although their household has a different dynamic than others, they say it’s what makes them complete.

“A family is not something that’s developed and grown through genes, but it’s grown through love,” says Kansas’s husband Danny Fergen. “I don’t look at our kids any different because they are adopted or biological,”

After the couple started their adoption journey, they decided to create a website to share their story with others. Their efforts to raise awareness about adoption did not go unnoticed. In July, the couple received a call from Senator John Thune’s office. He had nominated them for the 2017 Angels in Adoption Award; an honor that recognizes men and women across the country for their efforts to provide homes to children in need.

“I was completely humbled because we don’t do adoptions to be recognized,” says Danny Fergen. “We do adoptions because there are children out there that need a home, that they feel safe and loved,”

Whether they bring the award home or not, the Fergens just hope their family can be a source of inspiration.

“There’s a need out there and if we can spread that awareness and let people know.  Not everyone is necessarily called to adopt a child, but I feel that everyone is called to do something,” says Danny Fergen.

The couple says the joy and learning their kids bring them is a blessing.

“It doesn’t matter the color of their skin, it doesn’t matter their personality, they accept each other and that I think is something as adults we can learn from,” says Kansas Fergen.

The blessings continue for the Fergens. Kansas is four months pregnant; their five children are getting another sibling as they welcome a new baby in March.

“Having a big family it’s normal to us now,” says Kansas with a smile. “I mean we maybe have chaos somedays, but we thrive in it, it makes life fun,”

Next week, the Fergens will head to Washington D.C., attending the awards ceremony with other nominees from around the country. The couple says as far as adopting more children, they will always have their hearts open to it. You can follow the Fergen’s journey on their website:

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