Jackley Offers Advice After Equifax Breach; 278,000 South Dakotans Potentially Impacted

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – In the wake of the Equifax breach South Dakota Attorney General Marty Jackley is urging people to consider their options when it comes to protecting personal information.

Earlier this month, Equifax announced that a cyberattack potentially compromised the information of 143-million consumers. Jackley says the breach could impact as many as 278,000 South Dakotans.

He says even if you have never done business with Equifax, you should still monitor your information.

“There are going to be those instances like just here, where a South Dakotan didn’t hire Equifax, but because they have a credit card or they have a bank loan, they’re part of this breach. And they’ve lost some of their identity — their personal information, their social security number, their birth dates, along with some of their driver licenses — and they’re in the hands of bad people that are going to try to steal their credit,” says Attorney General Jackley.

He also says victims should consider enrolling in a credit monitoring program, signing up for fraud alerts or possibly freezing their credit.

Check here to see if you have been a victim of the breach: equifaxsecurity2017.com

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