Public Weighs in on New Nursing Suite for Mothers at Airport

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.- People in the Sioux Empire are taking notice of a new private space for moms to breastfeed or pump breast milk in the Sioux Falls airport. The airport says it’s a way to meet the ever-changing needs of travelers.

“It’s a very good thing and as a pediatrician, breast milk is the best thing possible,” says Sanford Pediatrician Residency Director, Joseph Zenel.

As a doctor who spends his days treating children, Joseph Zenel says he knows the importance and nutritional value of breast milk. So he was pleased to see this, a new nursing suite at the Sioux Falls Regional Airport.

“The more people see lounges, private areas set up for breastfeeding, the more it will become common practice,” says Zenel.

The new self-contained nursing suite called Mamava was installed near gate 2 last week by airport officials. The pod has enough room for mothers to breastfeed or pump while traveling through FSD. Officials say there’s already a nursing room in the main lobby. It’s been there for 10 years, but now moms have an option on the upper level.

“Past security other than the restrooms, there really was no space private for mothers to go,” says Sioux Falls Regional Airport Executive Director, Dan Letellier.

Sarah Crook says she wants kids someday and she feels it’s time more spaces are created and offered other than bathrooms.

“I think it’s nice that they can have the separate space and not have to go into a restroom because that’s not the cleanest place to be with your child,” says North Carolina resident, Sarah Crook.

Airport officials say they have received requests from the public to add a nursing unit past security and they hope this suite can help.

“So I just want people to know that we do appreciate them using Sioux Falls,” says Letellier. “We are trying to make it a little bit easier for them as they travel through this airport,”

The airport is also asking the public to head over to their Facebook page to leave input on the nursing suite. So far, these suites have been installed in 13 U.S. airports including big cities like New York and Miami.

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