Viborg Fire Department Holds Fire School Training on Rescue Operations

VIBORG, S.D.- A group of firefighters spent their day inside a grain bin training for rescue operations.

For almost 100 years now, the Southeast Fire Association has been holding fire school training for volunteer firefighters. Around 50 volunteer firefighters from the southeast district went through search and rescue courses today. In the grain bin, the firefighters were given a scenario on how to safely remove a trapped person using items such as a tube. Organizers say they hold this training to prepare the firefighters for situations they might face in the future.

“We have tried to bring in instructors that are very knowledgeable on these various topics,” says Viborg Fire Department member, Charlie Kludt. “This allows them to come down and learn something that they haven’t faced before, but they still want to know how to respond when they need to,”

Other courses included in the training were water rescues and aviation training. All of the training were free.

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