Police On Standoff In Downtown SF: ‘This turned out exactly the way we wanted it to’

Parole Absconder Was Behaving Erractically But Surrendered Peacefully

Sioux Falls Police say a parole absconder arrested following a hours long standoff was behaving erratically and likely on drugs.

Forty-three-year-old Jeremy Hoeft is charged with possession of a controlled substance, paraphernalia, marijuana and is being held in jail on a parole detainer.  Police say parole services contacted metro communications that a parolee out of Rapid City was in the Sioux Falls area. They located Hoeft just after 1 o’clock Monday afternoon in the parking lot of the downtown library. Police say Hoeft was the passenger in a vehicle and refused to get out. He also made a comment to police that he had a weapon as well as a bomb.

After blocking off several downtown streets, and bringing in several members of the bomb squad, negotiators were able to get Hoeft to surrender peacefully.

Sioux Falls Police Officer Sam Clemens said, “The end goal is just to make sure that everybody is safe that’s involved with this and this turned out exactly the way we wanted it to.”

Police say they found a marijuana pipe, nearly 10 grams of marijuana, syringes and baggies with meth residue inside the car. They say the woman driver complied with their directions and didn’t know Hoeft was an absconder.

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