Dealership Warns of Signs to See in Cars Damaged by Hurricane

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.- The floodwaters from Hurricane Harvey and Irma left hundreds of cars submerged in water. The fear is those cars could someday make their way to used car lots in the Sioux Empire.  However, a Sioux Falls dealership says there are ways to tell if a car has been underwater.

“Those vehicles should not be resold, they all should be crushed, or not be put back on the road,” says Frankman Motor Company General Manager, Dustin Frankman.

It’s a problem that no car dealership wants to fall victim to, getting resold a car that’s already damaged. Used car dealership Frankman Motor Company says they have never bought cars from any other state besides the Midwest and don’t plan to change that.

“It’s one of the worst things that can happen to a vehicle is water damage because it can affect so many electrical systems on a vehicle,” says Frankman.

They say every car they have ever bought goes through a mechanical inspection and they check the Carfax history.

“We want the public to know where these vehicles are from and be confident that they are buying a good vehicle,” says Frankman.

They also say car buyers should look for signs of rust to determine if the car has water damage.

“Looking at this medal seat track, these seat bolts, and screws and making sure that they all look nice and new,” says Frankman “There’s no evidence of rust or orange,”

However, they say the biggest thing car buyers should not ignore is the car electrical systems turning on.

“Usually you don’t have multiple electrical issues happen all at one time. So if you do, definitely do those history reports on that vehicle, ask questions, and probably stay away from that vehicle,” says Frankman.

The company says since they have been open, they have only had one vehicle that had water damage sold to them, which was back in 1990.

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