Great Plains Zoo Releases Great Horned Owl Back Into Wild

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – The Great Plains Zoo in Sioux Falls released a great horned owl back into the wild this morning.

The zoo says the owl was initially unable to fly and emaciated when someone first discovered it. Over the past several months the animal care team at the zoo have been working to rebuild the owl’s flight skills.

The zoo’s president and CEO, Elizabeth Whealy, says releasing an animal back into the wild is always rewarding for the zoo, “a day like today when we can release an animal back into the wild, where they belong, is a great day for our zoo. This is really at the heart of our mission to get wildlife in the places that they belong.”

Whealy says wildlife rehab is a big part of what they do at the zoo. Whealy says typically, its best to leave animals where they belong, in the wild, and often they are able to heal themselves. But if you do see an injured animal you can contact Game, Fish, and Parks.

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