Helpline Center: 5 Percent Of Suicides In U.S. Involve Homicides, Women Perpetrators Rare

Mental Health Therapist In Sioux Falls Says Suicidal Clients Very Common

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.– While South Dakota has seen several murder-suicides in the last two years, the Helpline Center says they’re rare. According to the organization, there were around 44,000 suicides in the United States last year. Among those, just five percent involved homicides.

Kerry Ford says suicide is what drove her professionally. The Clinical Mental Health Therapist at Stronghold Counseling Services in Sioux Falls says a family member committed suicide when she was young.

Ford said, “It’s devastating. It’s devastating to the local community, but to the community at-large because everyone feels like they have a part in what happens to our families to our kids through the schools to the churches.”

Ford says helping people who have suicidal thoughts is very common. According to the Helpline Center, South Dakota saw a record number last year: 173.

“Their world becomes smaller and smaller and shrinks to the point where they can only think about their problems,” said Ford.

Ford says suicide touches everyone: men, woman, and youth. However, she says women tend to communicate their problems better than men.

“A lot of times anything that makes someone feel different than others, from gender issues to physicals issues to mental health issues,” said Ford. “sometimes victims of bullying or some others kinds of abuse going on makes them feel suicidal.”

The Helpline Center says those at the highest risk are typically dealing with a parenting conflict or domestic violence.

The Helpline Center says of the murder-suicides in the U.S., 91 percent of the time the perpetrator is male. In 88 percent of cases, a gun is used.

Those who are need of help in the Sioux Empire can call 211, others can reach out to 1-800-273-TALK.

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