Reactions To USD President Abbott’s Retirement

VERMILLION, SD — Scott Pohlson the Vice President of Enrollment says Abbott’s tenure is nothing short of accomplished as he credits Abbott with the 45 million to 258 million endowment increase, division one transition and 350 million dollar facility renovations.

“It speaks to his leadership. Vision is truly a long term commitment and he’s done it. He’s left USD in a better place than when he first started,” says Pohlson.

Abbott is the second longest serving president and only alumnus to do so.

Students expressed the sadness on campus but they reflect on Abbott’s character by his involvement at game days, tailgate and his care for the university

“He really was the face of the university. He had so many connections across the state and he did so much personally for students. He will be felt for years to come. People will reminisce about Abbott and the new guy is great but do you remember when. People will tell stories for years,” says Mckenzie Holton a senior.

“He’s been a great deal for making it fun for us. Like said when he retired yesterday that he’s going to miss the students the most and it truly feels like he was in it for us. He was really trying to make it better for us. Make it a better experience,” says Keaton Deiter a junior.

Abbott is retiring in June, and the selection process for the next president will go through the Board of Regents.

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