Boss’ Opening Comedy Club

SIOUX FALLS, SD — Comedy isn’t new to the Sioux Falls scene but one local business is looking to pair jokes with some pizza.

Boss’ Pizza and Chicken has been serving the community for more than a decade. A majority of their orders are delivery and take out, so the pizza joint is transforming their underutilized seating into a comedy club at their Minnesota Ave venue.

Nathan Hults used to work for Boss’ now he’s co-owning the club. He says the idea came to him three months ago and now they’re prepping for their upcoming grand opening.

“We are literally just taking this room that you see us in here and we’re walling it off and we’re going to make it a separate comedy club that you can also get all the stuff you get from boss pizza and chicken plus a couple jokes,” says Hults.

Although comedy has struggled in Sioux Falls, Hults says working alongside a thriving business is beneficial.

“We were always brain storming ways to get more people into the building. This is a good way, because we get people into a building and use this space that’s not necessarily being used,” says Hults.

For the comedian himself Hults has a simple motto.

“The food is great, the beer is cheap and the comedy is awesome,” says Hults.

The shows are set for Saturdays and will feature a variety of talent from local artists to traveling comedians.

The grand opening is October 7th, and will host Sioux Falls native Sean Jordan.

Tickets are $10 a show.

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