Students React To USF’s $10,000 Tuition Decrease


SIOUX FALLS, SD — The University of Sioux Falls announced today that it’s resetting its undergraduate tuition rates from $27,980 to $17,980.

The $10,000 decrease by the private liberal arts school is effective next fall, and it brings levels back to what they were in 2007 and 2008.

USF President Brett Bradfield says the student body was informed ten minutes before the announcement.

He says the reaction’s been positive but some question the logistics.

“That’s why we very specifically have centered on the language of tuition reset. That’s what it is. It’s a reset. We still have financial aid and we still have all the things that are part of normal packaging for students to be able to find affordability,” said Bradfield.”

Bradfield says enrollment didn’t spark this reset. He adds USF had its largest graduating class this past spring and this fall they also welcomed a record freshman class.

He says the goals of the decrease are to provide an opportunity for those seeking higher education regardless of financial background and to better serve those in the cougar community.

Students were excited about the news even though it isn’t in effect until next year, but they reflect on what this means for their futures.

“I was so excited because that’s money I don’t have to pay later that I’m saving now that I can put towards other things. It’ll help me out in the long run,” said Tucker Stout a junior.

“We were kind of shocked and didn’t really know what was going on at first but it was very exciting to hear because going to college that’s one of the main concerns for students,” said Selena Rosario a sophomore.

The tuition reset comes during Bradfield’s first 8 months as president.

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