University Of Sioux Falls Announces Tuition Initiative

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – The University of Sioux Falls announced today that it’s resetting its undergraduate tuition price by $10,000 to $17,980.

The change, which will take effect in the fall of 2018 for all new and returning students, will bring tuition back to levels last seen in 2007-08.

Under the tuition reset, new freshman enrolling in the fall of 2018 can expect to save over $5,000 dollars over four years, when factoring in a standard 3 percent annual tuition increase each year. Current students will see the new tuition price for the next academic year instead of one that likely would have increased at least 3 percent.

“At the core of the USF experience is our belief that our students should be preparing to live fully engaged lives in their professions and in the fabric of their communities,” said USF President Brett Bradfield. “But for too many students, that experience seemed out of reach based on an initial glance at our price tag. And for too many graduates, student loan debt was an obstacle to personal and professional success. What we’re doing today is bold, it’s sensible and it’s time.”

In addition to the tuition reset, USF today announced it would freeze room and board costs from last year, adjust financial aid dollars in accordance with the new tuition structure and institute a general University fee of $300 per year. This fee will also take effect in the fall of 2018 and will support student-related amenities and services.

This announcement comes in President Bradfield’s first year and as the institution embarks on its 134th year.

USF says in early September they welcomed one of its largest-ever incoming freshman classes, just months after a record-high number of graduates received their diplomas from USF in May.

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