Tea Senior Teaches Fire Safety For Kids

TEA, SD —Tea senior Katrina Relph organized a kids day for her senior project to equip children with survival skills  during a house fire.

“Now when we go through here make sure you’re low to the ground,” says Relph.

Relph’s a member of the cadet program which give students the opportunity to work alongsid the fire department.

She says it’s vital for parents and children to be on the same page if a fire does occur.

“If you think they know what they are doing and they really don’t so you get out and go look at your meeting spot you had set up, and they’re not there because they didn’t know how. They could end up getting stuck in the house,” says Relph.

The kids experience real life situations as they toured a replicated house fire.

“We teach them to feel it with the back of their hand, to stay low just different things you’re supposed to do when you have a fire in your house,” says Relph.

Junior kindergartner Katie Ryan caught right on.

“They told me to touch a door and it was hot… maybe a fire is in there, and I knew not to go in because I wanted to follow the leader and not get hurt or lost,” says Ryan.

Relph hopes first and foremost that the children learn the value of safety but also they can get an insight into the life of firefighting.

The fire department reiterates that the most important tips are to stay low and have a meeting place outside the house.

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