From Food Truck To Restaurant, Swamp Daddy’s Is Looking To Expand


SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – After moving from Louisiana to South Dakota 13 years ago, a business owner is looking to make a permanent stamp on the city, turning her food truck into a restaurant. And it’s the community’s support that is making the expansion possible.

“I love our customers; they have supported us so much,” says Inkka Beaudion.

Wherever the Swamp Daddy’s food truck is parked, a line is sure to follow.

“We have all of our regular customers and I’ll remember them, and we talk and keep up with them,” says Beaudion.

But being the owner, Beaudion has always had her eyes set on something more; something that will last all 4 seasons.

“It’s difficult when we have all the snow to have someone walk up to your window when there’s 5 inches of snow on the ground,” explains Beaudion.

So she’s taking her knack for Cajun cooking, and ditching the wheels to bring more flavor to downtown Sioux Falls.

“I love it when people are like that’s the Cajun truck, that’s going to be spicy,” says Beaudion. “I’m like no, no, no, come here. It’s not spicy all you have to do is try it. We use spice to add flavor.”

The Swamp Daddy’s restaurant will be located on Philips Avenue in between 5th and 6th Street.

“The restaurant is still under construction downtown,” says Beaudion. “We went there the other day and they have the steal frames up.”

But opening up a restaurant is proving to be more difficult than brewing a perfect batch of gumbo. And that’s thanks to a booming construction industry.

“A lot of people are building right now,” says Beaudion. “So the search is on for us to find someone who is licensed bonded and insured that can take on this project.”

On the flip side, Beaudion says her business will greatly benefit from the new developments.

“Especially with them building the Levitt [event center] across the way from us,” explains Beaudion. “It’s going to be great for business.”

And business is something the cook has never had a problem finding.

“The Sioux Falls community has been the reason why we have been successful, because without their support there obviously we wouldn’t be able to be expanding,” she says.

The restaurant will be open in the beginning months of 2018, which is more than three years after getting into the food truck industry. Before that, Beaudion was helping her mother in law serve food at a local church.

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