Lakota Language Class Draws High Interest

SIOUX FALLS, SD — A four part class series started as a presentation, but with such a high interest the Downtown Library is looking to add more sessions.

The Lakota Language class kicked off this weekend and has 72 people wait listed.

The class features all ages and begins with the basics.

Instructor Tim Easter has an Oglala Lakota background.

He says it’s inspiring that there’s a public desire to learn Lakota, and that it’s important to know one of the beginning languages.

“We take a look at words like Minnehaha and Minnesota and they are Lakota words. It’s also important for the kids and the students to learn the language and it’s also great to get adults who want to learn,” says Easter.

Easter hopes for more sessions to be planned but there’s no set schedule

The four part series runs through January and those interested can sign up at or call 605-367-8720 to be wait-listed.

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