Stolen Van Chase Leads To Car Vandalism Arrests

Two juveniles charged for smashing windows; additional charges pending

SIOUX FALLS – A police pursuit on a busy South Dakota interstate led to the arrest of two juveniles who were wanted for smashing car windows overnight.  The car chase started on I-29 just north of the Canton exit just before 12:30 p.m. Monday.

According to the South Dakota Highway Patrol, a Lincoln County Sheriff’s deputy first spotted a silver minivan on I-29 northbound that had been reported stolen in Sioux Falls.  Highway Patrol then chased the van for about 20 miles on the interstate until it pulled over north of I-90 in Sioux Falls.  Speeds reached during the chase are still under investigation.  Troopers detained the two juvenile suspects inside the van. 

Then, troopers found out from dispatchers that Sioux Falls police were looking for the two juveniles.  They were wanted for vandalizing cars overnight.  Authorities have not released the names, genders or ages of the two suspects because they are juveniles.

In those cases, police say more than ten vehicles had windows damaged in the area of Glendale Avenue and 18th Street, with many victims discovering early Monday morning that their cars had been vandalized.  Police say it appears windows were smashed out with rocks.  Many of the cars had their back windows broken, which can cost around $500 to replace.

The two suspects are facing charges for Intentional Damage to Property.  Highway Patrol says additional charges related to the stolen vehicle and the chase are pending.

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