Anonymous Gold Coin Delivered to Sioux Falls Woman’s Mailbox

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. — This past holiday season, a pair of generous donors reached out to us at KDLT News and asked if we could help them spread some cheer.

We shared the stories as the anonymous donors asked us to deliver five gold coins worth about $1,300 to five unsuspecting recipients.

The cheer continues to be spread even beyond the holiday season.

A Sioux Falls mom recently received a gold coin in the mail.

“And it says, “Rose, This afternoon I was on Facebook and a friend had shared an event about you.”

Rose Bickett was surprised to find the letter in her mailbox.

“My son just grabbed our mail one day and he said, ‘Mom, there’s a letter here for you and it feels heavy like somethings in it!’ And I thought, okay, and I opened it, and here was this letter…”

Along with the letter was a single gold coin.

“It totally melted me. And it made me realize that I matter and somebody cares that I’m here, and cares to lighten my load a little bit.”

Rose’s load has gotten a bit heavier over the last few months. The newly single mom of four was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in June.

It was for a benefit later this month that the donor found out about Rose.

“My wife & I chatted and thought maybe there was something we had that we could share with you & your children that might help just a little. Please accept this ounce of gold as our gift.”

To rose, that gift is worth more than its weight in gold.

“I think it would be hard to find the words to sum up the reality of the gratitude that I have. Just for such an act of kindness. I would say thank you thank you for showing me there is so much goodness in the world.”

As for the people behind the letter, Rose says, she doesn’t mind not knowing who they are.

“It actually feels really special and really sacred left alone as a mystery.”

But for the hashtag at the end of the letter, “#anygift,” that’s a mystery thinks she’s solved.

“To me it meant any gift matters, whether it’s your time, whether it’s coming by to mow somebody’s lawn who doesn’t have the energy to mow their own lawn or if its gold coin in the mail, any gift matters.”

Rose says she did not know there were other gold coin recipients until she told a friend about the letter who then led her to KDLT.

Rose says she plans to keep the coin somewhere safe and after receiving it, is now inspired to continue paying it forward.

Information on Rose’s October 20th benefit can be found here:

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