Police: 14-Year-Old Sioux Falls Teens Led Authorities On Interstate Chase In Stolen Vehicle

Teens Also Charged With String Of Car Vandalisms

Two Sioux Falls teens are facing more charges after police say they led authorities on a high speed chase in a stolen vehicle. Police believe the 14-year-old boys are responsible for vandalizing nearly 40 vehicles in central Sioux Falls.

On Sunday night into early Monday, police say they received nearly 40 reports of car vandalisms. They say car windows had been smashed with landscaping rocks.

“It’s probably $500 dollars a window. Some have been more. Some have been less,” said Clemens. “So, that brings the grand total up to about $19,000 in damages.”

Police say it was another report of a stolen vehicle that led them to the suspects. They say a woman was running an errand on the west side of town with her son and another teen inside the vehicle.

“While she was inside the business, the van was left running. The two 14-year-old’s decided it was a good idea to take the van,” said Clemens.

Police say an officer tried to stop the stolen vehicle the next morning in central Sioux Falls, but didn’t give chase.

“It depends on the circumstances. Most of the time we’re (police) not going to chase somebody and so it really depends on what the crime is, the severity is,” said Clemens. “If they don’t stop then at that point, we’ve already got the license plate number and there’s some follow up we can do after that.”

The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office also spotted the vehicle on Interstate 29 just north of the Canton exit just before 12:30 p.m. Monday. They asked the South Dakota Highway Patrol for assistance, who chased the vehicle for about 20 miles. The teens finally pulled over north of Interstate 90.

Clemens said, “The officer looked inside and saw a bunch of landscaping rocks inside the van, and so that’s what led us to these two.”

Both teens are charged with being a runaway, possession of a stolen vehicle, and four counts of vandalism. The son of the owner of the stolen vehicle is also charged with grand theft. Police say they’ll likely face more charges based on how many reports of vandalisms they’ve received.

Police say one of the suspects has been released to his parents, the other remains in custody.


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