Farmers Behind On Harvest Season

LENNOX, S.D.- Farmers across the U.S. are celebrating National Farmers Day Thursday, but one thing that hasn’t been pleasant for many this year is the actual farming season. With the recent rain, corn and soybean harvests continue to fall behind last year’s numbers.

“We haven’t harvested anything yet, so Thursday hopefully is our first day of harvest,” says Soybean and Corn Farmer, Dave Poppens.

Dave poppers is looking forward to longer work days for the next couple weeks. He’s finally starting his corn and soybean harvest, two weeks behind schedule.

“It gets discouraging, frustrating; the thing we are worried about after a while is we get later into the season,” says Poppens. “We get into November and we worry the snow could possibly come, that will add more problems to our farming,”

With all the recent rainfall, Poppens says at this point, he’ll take anything but rain at his farm in Lennox.

“If we could have a drought going into winter, that would be just perfect for us,” says Poppens.

He says being a farmer, you learn seasons change from year to year.

“We have had some winters, where we are still combing corn,” says Poppens. “So actually to be sitting here the 11th of October and we are just going to get started, I’m not worried yet I guess,”

After a while you learn to adjust.

“So harvest over the years, you learn that you just try and do the best you can and work with what Mother Nature gives you,” says Poppens.

Although he has insurance, he says he doesn’t think he will get to cash in anything this year.

“We can’t use it unless we have a reduction in dollars per acres for our income,” says Poppens.

However, Poppens knows he’s not the only one struggling, so he’s going to stay optimistic.

“Gotta stay positive or you wouldn’t be farming,” says Poppens.

According to the USDA, South Dakota’s corn harvest is sitting at 6-percent complete compared to 19 percent last year. Soybeans are also well behind at 22-percent compared to 56-percent last year.

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