Course Teaches Teens About Car Repair And Safety

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.- Many newly licensed teenagers will experience driving in the winter for the first time this year and a Sioux Falls organization is hoping to prepare the youth for what’s to come.

From filling the air pressure in a tire, to safely driving on the road. These are just a few of the things these teenagers are learning. The car repair and safety course is put on by Safety Village of South Dakota. An organization dedicated to teaching safety on the road. For many of these teens, Saturday was their first time changing a car tire.

“If something were to happen before I took this course, I wouldn’t have known,” says High School Student, Isis Johnson. “I would have probably freaked out,”

The organization says the course will teach the teens that owning a car is more than just sitting behind the wheel.

“With driving comes responsibility of keeping your car maintained and safe to be able to be on the road,” says Safety Village Executive Director, Tonya Ahrendt. “They know how to put the gas in, but do they know how to check the tire pressure, do they know how important the tires are to driving the car,”

For some of the volunteers, the course was a chance to give back. Southeast Technical Institute student Kyle Anderson says growing up no one taught him about car repair. Now that he’s learned, he wants to pass his knowledge on.

“It was more me learning when I started, I actually have fun teaching,” says Anderson.

With car accidents increasing between teenagers, organizers say they hope the youth also learn the importance of safe driving.

“Just educating them, providing enough information to them to make good choices and informed decisions when driving,” says Ahrendt.

While many left the course learning something new, some even gained confidence that just because they are a girl doesn’t mean they can’t change their own tires.

“However, after being here, I feel like it’s not necessary for me to go to the shop for every little thing because I know how to do it now,” says Johnson.

Around 25 teens ages 13 to 18 attended the course. The four hour class cost $25 dollars. For more information about the next class visit:

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