Court Documents: Mother & Father Of Infant Left Outside Overnight Admitted To Smoking K2

Mother Of Baby Charged With Abuse, Neglect Following Father's Arrest

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.– The mother of the infant found abandoned outside of a Sioux Falls church overnight has now been charged. It comes after she admitted to police that she and the child’s father had been smoking K2.

Twenty-eight-year-old Mary Louise Jennesse is charged with felony child abuse and neglect. An employee at Faith Family Church found the 2-month-old boy in a car seat the morning of Oct. 2. Based on surveillance video, the baby had been outside in the rain for 18 hours.

About an hour after the baby was found, police say Jennesse and Ronald Harrison Jr. came to the Law Enforcement Center to report the child missing. At the time, they said they ‘lost’, ‘forgot’ or ‘misplaced’ the baby at around 8th Street and Spring Avenue. The couple told police they were arguing and the mother walked off.  Harrison said he chased after their nearly 2-year-old child, and had returned to the area, but no one was there.

Originally Harrison was the only one charged. In light of the new evidence, police say Jennesse has also been arrested.

Sioux Falls Police Officer Sam Clemens said, “Mom was found on Saturday afternoon and arrested on those charges. The warrant carries a $10,000 bond.”

According to court documents, the Department of Social Services interviewed Harrison in jail where he told them that the two were high on K2 and were smoking at the church. Police then interviewed Jennesse again who then admitted to smoking 1 or 2 bags of the synthetic marijuana. She told police they ‘blanked out’ and fabricated the argument story.

The boy was not injured and was taken into protective custody at the time of the incident. Harrison is still in jail.

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