2018 South Dakota Health Insurance Premiums In Flux

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – It’s a stressful time of year when we are asked to renew our health insurance policies and take a look at any increased expenses we will have to pay as premiums continue to rise.

On average, nationwide, those on the exchange are facing about a 20 percent hike in fees for their health insurance. Which amounts to just over $1,200 for the year. But will that change now that the President has ordered an immediate halt to all subsidies?

Health insurers in South Dakota have until 6 p.m.  tonight to file their new rates. To find out what this will mean for you, officials with Avera Health Plans say it’s important to stay on top of any upcoming notifications.

“We really want people to pay attention to their mail and to their emails that are coming in and to go out and check their accounts in the marketplace where they are getting tax credits,” said Debra Muller, CEO of Avera Health Plans.

Avera Health Plans will start enrolling people off-exchange tomorrow.

On-exchange enrollment starts on November 1st. You will have 45 days with the cut off for open enrollment set for December 15th.

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