Effects Of K2: SF Couple Admitted To Smoking Synthetic Marijuana Before Leaving Baby Outside

The synthetic drug, known as K2, is in the spotlight after a Sioux Falls couple admitted to smoking the drug before allegedly leaving their baby outside overnight.

We brought you the story two weeks ago: a 2-month-old baby boy found abandoned in a car seat outside of a Sioux Falls church. Police say he was wearing just a onesie, and was left out in the cold and rain for 18 hours.  It wasn’t until this week, though, that we found out why. That’s when court documents revealed a shocking confession from the child’s parents.

Sioux Falls Police Officer Sam Clemens said, “We’ve seen a whole wide range of behavior from people who have ingested it. Some people might say it’s similar to marijuana.”

In those documents, police say Ronald Harrison, Jr. admitted to the Department of Social Services that he and Mary Jennesse were high on K2. He said they were smoking it outside the church near 8th and Spring Avenue. The documents say Jennesse admitted to smoking one or two bags. She told police they ‘blanked out.’

“The synthetic stuff, I mean, it’s basically a chemical that’s put on an organic material,” said Clemens.

South Dakota made it illegal to ingest anything to get high in July of 2011, but K2 was still legal to possess or sell in the state until 2012.

Clemens said, “Since it had been legal, they (people) just assumed that it was safe.”

Since synthetic marijuana was banned altogether in the state, police say they’ve seen a dramatic decrease. However, it still pops up from time to time.

“You don’t know what those chemicals are, and you don’t know what reaction to those chemicals will be,” Clemens said.

In this case, the drug has led to felony abuse and neglect charges. The couple also had the child taken away.

Police say they see the drug being used by all ages. Several years ago, police say they were called to a Sioux Falls school when a teen was caught licking the outside of a door handle. They later found out he was on K2.

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