New Insurance Rates Requested for 2018

Local health providers propose adjusted numbers for 2018 as Congress tries to work out a plan on subsidies

Local health care providers met a 6pm deadline on Tuesday for proposed new health insurance premium rates for 2018. Consumers still on Obamacare continue to be concerned about not only the cost of care but also access to care moving forward, according to Debra Muller, CEO of Avera Health Plans. This comes despite a bipartisan agreement reached this week that will temporarily continue subsidies to insurers providing plans on the health care marketplace, if approved by Congress. Muller encourages everyone to pay very close attention to any materials sent in regard to their insurance plans and policies. This year, there will only be 45 days for open enrollment for marketplace plans, and it will be a hard deadline that ensures your coverage. There may be some good news in all this though, said Muller. Click on the link above for more information.

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