Mitchell Man Makes First Court Appearance on Manslaughter Charges

Sioux Falls, S.D. – The Mitchell man accused in the death of his wife made his first court appearance in a Davison County Court room this morning. 39-year-old James Edward Brinker is facing first degree manslaughter charges. Police say at approximately 7 p.m. Tuesday they received a 911 call requesting an ambulance at a residence located on the 900-block E. 3rd Avenue for a female who did not appear to be breathing.

Responding Officers found a 36-year-old Marie Brinker deceased at the residence. Police say Brinker allegedly wrapped her in a blanket and asphyxiated her by placing a sock in her mouth, tying a cloth belt across her face, placing her on a mattress and leaving her in that state for a significant period of time, which then lead to her death.

Brinker allegedly then brought the victim’s children to the crime scene and convinced one of them to call 911. Mr. Brinker was not at the residence when responding officers arrived and was later located at another residence in Mitchell.

Police say there was a valid protection order in place that prohibited Mr. Brinker from having contact with the victim at the time of the incident.

The investigation is ongoing. Brinker’s preliminary hearing is set for November 2.