Board & Brush: New Creative Studio Opens in Sioux Falls

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. — In the wake of the holiday gift giving season a new d-i-y creative studio is hitting the sioux falls market

Board & Brush opened its doors today.

The creative studio allows customers to gather with friends and family while making wood decor from scratch.

There’s no set instruction for the finished product’s design and participants can pick from hundreds of templates.

Store owner Vonda Kay Shaeffer says missing out on time with friends inspired her and her husband to open the studio.

 “Another thing when I sit behind a desk all day and I’m doing my work I don’t get to make anything creative, and I think we were all made to create, and it feels so good to run a power tool or to say I made this look I made this and hang it on your wall,” says Shaeffer.

Shaeffer adds that the workshops are set for Saturdays, and they can host for birthday parties and corporate events for team building.

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