“You Knew What You Signed Up For” Gold Star Family Believes Headline Taken out of Context

Urging People to Read the Full Conversation Transcript between President Trump and the Widow of the Fallen Solider

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.– President Donald Trump has faced criticism for what some say was his awkward handling of a call to the grieving widow of a soldier killed in action, but the family of a South Dakota soldier killed in 2007, says those critics have it all wrong.

If there was anything Robb Rolfing loved more than his family, it was his country especially after 9/11.

“He did not agree and disliked what happened to our country. He believed he could make a difference by being a part of the army,” says Rolfing’s younger brother TJ Rolfing.

Robb eventually went on to becoming a Special Forces solider. Something his family says he was proud of, but everything changed on June 30th, 2007.

“That’s the thing you never want to see at your front door, when you have a service member serving, is a couple army people standing at your front door,” says TJ Rolfing. “You know what that conversation is,”

That knock on the door was something Robb’s little brother TJ never expected to come.

“When your brothers comes home in a casket, you go back to those conversations,” says TJ Rolfing.

For a while, TJ replayed the conversation he and his brother had. A day before he deployed to Iraq.

“I’m going to be going into some bad areas doing good in those bad areas, but I may not be coming home,” says TJ Rolfing.

Although the pain of losing his older brother is something that still lingers. He says with time, he came to understand what it meant for his brother to be a Special Forces solider.

“Every one of these Special Forces guys know exactly what they are signed up for,” says TJ Rolfing.

That’s why TJ is urging people to read the full conversation transcript between President Trump and the widow of the fallen solider. Which he says he believes was taken out of context.

“That comment may have seemed cold in itself, but it’s the honest to God truth too,” says TJ Rolfing.

He also says the reality is most Gold Star families rarely receive phone calls from the president, so he applauds President Trump because his actions show he cares for the families.

“So for him to make that phone call, I think it’s unprecedented, we didn’t receive a phone call,” says TJ Rolfing.

TJ Rolfing says although his family never received a call from President George W. Bush, they did receive a certificate from the president in honor of his brother. He also says the military, Special Forces operation, local and state representatives were very supportive to his family at that time.

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