The Long Road Bringing Ride Sharing to Sioux Falls and South Dakota

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. — As of noon Tuesday, the ride sharing operation Lyft is officially in service in the state of South Dakota.

The company made the announcement that the service is coming not only to Sioux Falls, BUT the entire state of South Dakota.

City leaders say the process to get a ride sharing option here took nearly two years.

Mayor Mike Huether and Sioux Falls City Councilor Christine Erickson were the first two official Lyft passengers in South Dakota.

Their driver, Greg Lafollette: an activist credited as the driving force behind bringing the company to the state.

“What I think is a really exciting message is this is what happens when citizens reach out!” said Erickson. “This was from a constituent, calling and saying, ‘What is going on? Why are we so behind? Why don’t we have this service?”

City officials call it a long time coming. The road to bring ride sharing services here was a bumpy one.

In 2015, the city had to pass new rules to allow ride-sharing companies to operate in Sioux Falls.

In 2016, the governor signed House Bill 1091 that established requirements for ride sharing companies.

It wasn’t until this month that the city received its first application from Lyft. Within a week, the service launched.

“They were just so excited about the opportunity here in Sioux Falls. Yes, it’s a small market. But, the excitement here is just not what they have received in other markets. and that’s what played into going statewide, not just in the Sioux Falls region and so that was just a wonderful surprise,” said Erickson.

The service works through Lyft’s smartphone app.

New passengers can use the code LYFTLOVE17 to receive $5 off their first Lyft ride anywhere.

Details on signing up to be a driver can be found here:

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