FULL STORY: City Puts Up “No Smoking” Signs As Part of Law Passed In May

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.- Experts say nearly 90 percent of adults who smoke started at or before they were 18 years old. The city of Sioux Falls is hoping to do its part in reducing the number of smokers by putting out “no smoking” signs, thanks to a new city law.

It’s a sign that residents of Sioux Falls will soon start to become familiar with. No smoking signs put up by the city of Sioux Falls are starting to appear outside city-owned buildings and in city parks. They’re part of the city’s new smoke-free law passed back in May. Smoking is now prohibited 25 feet from the entrance of any city building and in parks, smoking is not allowed when kids are around. Mayor Mike Huether says he’s wanted this smoking ban for a while. If it were up to him, the laws would be even tougher but he’s happy with the progress made.

“We made a dramatic step here in Sioux Falls and it took a ton of work,” says Mayor of Sioux Falls, Mike Huether. “A lot of sacrifice and so again I just want to celebrate that at the highest level,”

The law also requires special events held on city properties be smoke free, unless event organizers request a designated smoking area. For the first time ever, JazzFest was completely smoke-free and the city says it was a positive change.

“We were a bit concerned how they would react, not only the organizers but the visitors to these events,” says Huether. “They have reacted in a very supportive way,”

Officials say approximately 900 South Dakota kids become regular smokers every year and one in three will eventually die as a result of smoking. They hope this ordinance will reduce those alarming numbers.

“We are encouraged that over time and maybe with even continued efforts years down the road with strengthening our policies,” says Sioux Falls Public Health Director, Jill Franken. “We will also be able to enjoy that same decrease in disease and death in our community,”

Smoking will not be allowed on ticket, boarding, and waiting areas of bus depot. Golf courses are also smoke-free except for parking lots and during the course of play.

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