Sioux Falls Adding No Smoking Signs In New Locations

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – Sioux Falls residents will now start to see “No Smoking” signs outside city buildings, event areas, and in parks.

The signs are part of the city’s new smoke-free ordinance that was passed back in May. The ordinance is part of the city efforts to regulate the use of tobacco products. If residents see the sign by the city owned properties, smoking will be prohibited 25 feet from the entrance.

When it comes to city parks, no tobacco use is allowed when kids are around.

The city says they hope this new ordinance will encourage people not to smoke.

“We are encouraged that over time and maybe with even continued efforts years down the road with strengthening our policies. We will also be able to enjoy that same decrease in disease and death in our community,” said Jill Franken the city’s Public Health Director.

Coming up at 10, we hear about one city event that was smoke free for the first time this year and the reactions.

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