Halloween Express Adding Flare to Costumes for Safety

Halloween Express Adding Flare to Costumes for Safety

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. — The last time we had more than a trace of snow on Halloween was in 1995.

While it looks like the kids are safe from bad weather this year, there are other dangers to avoid.

As kids are getting excited for all the tricks and treats some costumes tend to be dark in color and hooded making kids less visible to those driving.

It’s always a good reminder but Capt. Loren McManus encourages careful driving through neighborhoods since accidents can and do occur

“We have had a couple where we’ve had some children were struck by cars. Think it was no injuries it was the classic they were excited they darted out in front of a car and didn’t see it coming and they were bumped into. We’ve had some kids who have gotten lost within their group and we’ve had to help find them,” says McManus.

McManus says safety can be simple.

“It’s just really basic safety techniques. Look both ways before you cross, slow down, take your time and mind what your parents tell you,” adds McManus.

With a few days left to finalize a costume, Paul Sieber of Halloween Express says their alternative to traditional dark Halloween costumes adds a little flare.

“In many of our costumes a blinking light that blinks and you put that on either the bag or on the costume itself. Bracelets and glow sticks hanging from the neck, so that’s the best way,” says Sieber.

Sieber also suggests going up two sizes to accommodate more layers for the colder temperatures.

So far this year scary clowns, wonder woman and princesses are the top selling costumes.

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