Several New Alleged Victims Come Forward in Sioux Center Teacher Investigation

Police arrested Curtis Van Dam for lascivious conduct with a minor and lascivious acts with a child on Monday, right before his 36th birthday.

Now, more alleged victims are breaking their silence.

“Emotions are high, from embarrassment to sadness to resentment to anger. we need to stay calm and let justice and the system do what it’s supposed to do,” said Chief of Police, Paul Adkins.

Chief Adkins is a parent himself and understands that this case has turned this close-knit community upside-down.

“This has really shaken the community,” Adkins said.  “It’s an extreme sad event, a tragic event.”

Police first learned of an alleged incident on October 17th. They have since discovered another alleged incident from three weeks earlier involving the same student.

According to court documents obtained by KDLT, Van Dam is out on a $5,000 bond. He is free to travel outside of Iowa or the United States while awaiting trial, but the court did issue a no-contact order.

“There still are more allegations that come through everyday,” said Adkins. “I’d rather not say the exact number at this point but there have been several.”

Chief Adkins says Van Dam is a married father of two who was active in his local church. He taught at the Christian school for 13 years.

“Any time from the first allegation all the way back to the 13 years, anything could be possible,” Adkins said. “I’m not advocating that, but there is that possibility.”

Officers seized property under a search warrant, all of which was taken into evidence.

Some of the alleged victims also sat in Van Dam’s very own classroom.

“I don’t know if they were all enrolled in his class, but he was a teacher to a lot of them,” said Adkins.

Police are not saying whether the alleged victims were male or female, but say they have taken many of them to receive counseling in Sioux City.

While Sioux Center struggles to pick up the pieces, Adkins expects more charges will be filed.

“Emotions are extremely high,” Adkins said. “You’ve got the involvement of a student, teacher, in a school setting. It’s a tragic situation.”

According to court documents, Van Dam is scheduled to appear in court again on November 7th.


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