Boy Scouts Hoping To Help Feeding South Dakota

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.-Feeding South Dakota feeds around 100 families every day but the non-profit’s pantry shelves and inventory are becoming bare. However thanks to an annual food drive, the empty shelves won’t be open for long.

“It’s just a great feeling helping out people, even if you don’t get to see the end product,” says Boy Scout Troop 361, Michael Hervill.

They say that when it comes to love, age doesn’t matter. The same goes when it comes to helping those in need. As the sun rose, so did these boy scouts, each determined to find a bag with food donations to feed families in Sioux Falls. Each year the boy scouts hold their annual food drive to help Feeding South Dakota. In a time where the food on  the shelves of Feeding South Dakota are running low, this annual food drive couldn’t come at a better time.

“With the winter months coming on, we are going to see a greater demand for food assistance. So these donations are important to the work we are able to do in our food pantry, says Feeding South Dakota CEO, Matt Gassen.

Since Monday door knockers were placed by the scouts in homes around the town. They say seeing the bags placed out and full with food meant a lot.

“To know that the community is helping to give these families food and to know that the community is working together to create an impact,” says Venturing Crew Scout, Samantha Andrews

“Some people have a lot less than we do, so we should give what we have to them. So maybe later they can give back to us,” says Hervill.

Although each scout has a different reason for joining boy scouts, they all have the same goal.

“Boy scouts is a lot about becoming a better person and part of that is helping those that are less fortunate,” says Hervill.

Which isn’t going unnoticed.

“What scouting teaches kids is that as well how they need to give back to their community and so this is giving those kids an opportunity to do that at a very young age,” says Gassen.

The food items were dropped off at Feeding South Dakota this Saturday morning. The boy scouts say they felt they collected less food than previous years, so they are determined to reach as much people next year.

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