KBACK Rock Radio: Same Voices, New Name

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – On September 23rd of this year, Chuck Brennan announced he would be taking 94.5 FM – also known as KBAD radio – off the air.

The station grew quite a large fan base in the nearly two years it was in operation, and the news came as a big disappointment to thousands of listeners.

However, some of the familiar voices from that station have found their way back to the airwaves.

Crash, Crazy Frank and Ron Keel couldn’t stay away for long.

“We missed them as much as they missed us. The logical conclusion was, let’s get back in front of the mics, let’s entertain as many people as we possibly can, have a great time,” said Keel.

In what they’re calling “The Underground Bunker” the three have set up shop in a basement to do what they were born to do.

“We don’t know how to do anything else. We’re not trained for anything else,” said Crash.

More than their decades of experience of being on air, the three say it was the unwavering loyalty of their former listeners that brought them back to the airwaves.

“They were listening to hear the personalities, the personalities, the interaction and music that they couldn’t get anywhere else, and that’s the vibe that we wanted to bring back. Thus, KBACK,” said Crash.

While their new digs aren’t quite as lavish as their former spot they say The Underground Bunker does exactly what it needs to do.

‘It didn’t have to be a lavish, grandiose place,” said Crazy Frank. “It was cool to have that in our old digs but nobody cared. At then end of the day it was the product we put out, the music that connects and resonates with people. And that’s what we brought to this project.”

The new set up is also a little different in that you won’t hear KBACK over the airwaves on a traditional radio. Rather, they’re now streaming online.

“Because people have radios in their car, I don’t even have a radio at home anymore everybody carries a phone. Seemingly everybody’s got an internet connection somewhere. And so why don’t we go where they’re at”” said Crash.

“The people literally own this radio station, and we’re here to rock on line and party every day!” added Keel.

KBACK Rock Radio has only been streaming for nine days.

The guys are now looking for sponsors and advertisers to help fund the project.

More information and online streaming can be found here: https://kback.rocks/

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