Comforting Children Through Teddy Bears With The “Teddy Bear Posse”

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – Every day the Sioux Falls police department and first responders show up to traumatic situations with some of these calls involve children.

One of the ways they try to bring comfort to these kids is by giving them a stuffed animal.

Back in September Midwest Communications and Billion Automotive started the “Teddy Bear Posse”. They have been collecting teddy bears for first responders and around a thousand teddy bears will be dropped off to the local agencies.

“Their face lights up because here they are experiencing something terrible and they don’t know what’s going on. Then here comes a gift and they just react wonderfully because they are children. They just see this thing that a police officer is giving them and they just latch onto it wholeheartldy,” said Officer Charles Skidmore with the Sioux Falls Police Department.

Officer Skidmore says most of the officers carry the teddy bears in their squad cars so that they are ready for any stop.

A spokesman for Midwest Communications says the support from the community was amazing.

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