“It’s A Halloween Wonderland!” Man Creates Homemade Haunted House


SIOUX FALLS, S.D. — Christmas trees have been popping up in stores for the last few weeks, and it seems like every year, the holiday season starts earlier and earlier.

However one Sioux Falls man is making sure his favorite holiday, Halloween, isn’t getting passed over.

It’s just this time of the year is the best time of the year for us. For me anyway, I don’t know

You can call Steve Blumke a bit of a Halloween fanatic.

One look at his house at 1101 S Sherman Avenue, and his love for the holiday is quite evident.

“When I was a kid there was just that one house in the neighborhood that did this and it always stuck with me and then when we started having children of our own, we did one small Halloween display one year and the bug bit me. The Halloween bug bit me!”

From the skeletons to the jackolanters, tombstones and wood pallet fencing, about 97 percent of the decorations he makes by hand.

Everything is made with a skeletal frame of PVC ¾ inch, and I mold that into the shape of the things that I want and then the hands and things like that are made out of tin foil

He even borrows some supplies from the neighbor’s yards.

I’ll come along and clean up all their leaves for them and throw them on my graveyard.”

With all the spooks, there are some treats for trick or treaters to take… If they dare.

Those are the trick-or-treater eaters! So you have to brave that treacherous path to get up to the top and get your candy out of the pumpkin and get out of there before they get ahold of you!

The number of trick or treaters that do make it out Is a bit frightening.

“So far what’s the record of trick-or-treater’s they’ve eaten? Oh gosh. I’d say at least 25. At least. In one night! The other ones get away.”

Blumke says all the decorations will come down Halloween night, and then his wife will start to decorate for her favorite holiday, which is Christmas.


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