Motion Filed To Move Alexander Lingor’s Case To Juvenile Court

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.- 16-year-old Alexander Lingor was in Minnehaha County court today. He’s facing second degree murder, as well as manslaughter charges after a high-speed car crash left another teenager Kareem Cisse, dead back in February.

Lingor has been charged as an adult in the case, but his attorneys filed a motion to have him tried as a juvenile. The high speed car crash that led to the death of 15-year-old Cisse started from a dispute over a drug deal. According to law enforcement, Lingor’s truck hit the car Cisse’s was a passenger in three times. Officials say the driver in the car Cisse’s was riding in was going 47 miles per hour, when it struck a tree.

A witness that was in the car with Lingor testified and said Alexander was smoking marijuana and drinking that night leading up to the crash. He also says Alexander deliberately hit the car Cisse’s was riding in. He says Alexander knew the car Cisse was in crashed and did not call for help. The witness said when Alexander got home and realized someone had died, his parents tired quote “cleaning it up” and Alexander just wanted to sleep.

Christian Walberg also took the stand. He was also a passenger in Lingor’s pickup truck the night of the accident. Christian said he asked Alexander to stop the car multiple times during the chase. Another hearing is set for tomorrow.

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