Donut Boy Visits South Dakota To Thank Law Enforcement

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – A Florida boy is traveling across the country with a special goal of thanking as many police officers as he can.

9-year-old Tyler Carach arrived in Sioux Falls today to hand out donuts to local law enforcement officers with the help of Hyvee. His project called “I Donut Need a Reason to Thank a Cop” started back in August of 2016. Since then he’s visited 27 states and delivered more than 40,000 donuts.

Tyler’s mom says that though relations between police officers and community members can be tense, a little appreciation goes a long way.

“I explained that it wasn’t the snack they were excited about, it was the fact that he took the time to appreciate them and that unfortunately a lot of people today choose to judge a whole by a few and if you do that you would never have anybody because there are no group of people who are 100 percent perfect,” said Sheena Carach.

Tyler’s stop in South Dakota today is part of his goal to reach ten states in ten days for his birthday.

He turns ten-years-old on Sunday.

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