Motions Hearing For Alex Lingor To Be Tried As A Juvenile Continues

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.- We’re learning more about a high speed crash that left one Sioux Falls teen dead and has another facing murder charges.

The motions hearing to have 17-year-old Alex Lingor tried as a juvenile continued today in Minnehaha County. According to testimony from law enforcement, Lingor had no intent to hurt anyone the night of the crash. Investigators say Lingor was working on a drug deal, but the marijuana was stolen by the person he was selling it to. That person drove off with 15-year-old Kareem Cisse in the car. Lingor told police he was mad and quote “had to get these guys.” However, he said he only wanted to give them a bump or push. Cisse was later killed in the crash, according to the medical examiner Cisse suffered severe traumatic injuries both internal and external.

It was determined he died from a brain-stem laceration. The examiner also found marijuana in Cisse’s system. Lingor also tested positive for marijuana. According to testimonies by a forensic psychiatrist, Lingor had started using drugs in 8th grade. Lingor also told investigators that he was a drug dealer and had been selling drugs for 3 to 6 months. He also admitted he smoked marijuana. Prior to this case, Lingor also had a marijuana misdemeanor.

The court also learned that since Lingor has been in the Juvenile Detention Center, he has had around 18 violations. His last violation was on September 17th and since then he has been on good behavior. His case worker also says he feels Lingor is remorseful about the death of Cisse because of a letter Lingor wrote.

South Dakota does have a Juvenile Detention Center but if Lingor were to be sentenced as an adult. He would be sent to the adult corrections center in North Dakota. Once he turns 18, he would then be transferred back to South Dakota. The Department of Correction does take in Juveniles with cases like Lingor’s. They say there are multiple resources and programs available. Whether or not Lingor would qualify for that is uncertain until he and his family are interviewed to see if it would be a best fit.

The hearing will continue tomorrow morning.

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