C-Span Cities Tour to Highlight Sioux Falls

A unique look at the history of the state along with literary highlights among the featured stories

Watch for Sioux Falls to be the focus of the C-Span Cities Tour on both Book TV and American History TV all this weekend. You may remember, the crew made its way across the state back in September. The shows will highlight the history and literary life of Sioux Falls along with the politics and economy of South Dakota. Hear from Senator John Thune, and author Frank Pommersheim, author of Broken Landscape: Indians, Indian tribes, and the Constitution on the History of Native American Citizenship in the United States. Author Bob Wright will also be featured. Write wrote Little Business on the Prairie, which is about the challenges of entrepreneurship and prosperity in South Dakota. Many others will also be a part of the stories you’ll see. For more on the broadcast schedule and C-Span’s coverage, click here.

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