Judge To Review Juvenile Request For Alex Lingor

SIOUX FALLS, SD.- A Sioux Falls teen could be tried as a juvenile for murder. A three-day court hearing wrapped up Friday to determine if Alex Lingor’s case should be moved out of adult court. The 17-year-old has been charged in the death of another teen after a drug deal gone wrong.

Whether or not Alex Lingor will be charged as a juvenile now rests in the hands of a Minnehaha County judge. 17-year-old Lingor is facing adult murder charges as well as manslaughter after a car crash left another teenager, 15-year-old Kareem Cisse dead.

The incident took place on February 22, it started over a small amount of marijuana being stolen. Authorities say Lingor chased a car with his truck driving as fast as 90 miles per hour. They say he hit the car running it off the road. It struck a tree killing Cisse.

Alex’s attorneys believe his case should be moved from adult court to juvenile court. However prosecutors disagree. They believe Lingor hit the other car that night to cause harm based on Lingor’s interviews with a detective, where he said quote he “had to get these guys.” Plus, he fled the scene instead of calling for help.

Alex’s attorney claims he never meant to hurt anyone. He only wanted the other car to stop and give him his marijuana back. Along with law enforcement, a forensic psychologist has also weighed in on the case this week. She says Lingor has a substance abuse problem. She says he’s willing to get help for his addiction and has been remorseful for the pain he caused Cisse’s family. However the judge felt otherwise, questioning the psychologist multiple times about Lingor smirking in court, him being manipulative and whether or not he is remorseful.

The psychologist testified that Lingor should be tried as a juvenile, so he can get help for his drug problem and his family can be involved in the process, but prosecutors says that’s not reason enough and argue he could get the same help through adult court.

Prosecutors and defense attorneys will submit written closing arguments to the judge. He will review all the information presented this week and could decide whether Lingor’s case will move to juvenile court. That decision could come a month from now or sooner.

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