St. Lambert Students and Families Rake the Yard of Elderly For Free

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.- Imagine coming outside to the sight of the leaves on your whole lawn raked and clean. Well, that was a reality for some families in the eastern part of Sioux Falls today and it was all thanks to some area students.

It’s that time of year again, where the leaves start to pile around. Making for an early start to the day for families like the Olson’s to start cleaning the lawn. Although the job can be tedious, the children always seem to find the fun in it.

“Children just learn that there is a lot of joy in helping somebody, who can’t do things for themselves,” says St. Lambert School Principal, Colleen Davis.

In fact the lawn the Olson’s are raking doesn’t belong to them. They are doing the cleaning all for free and they aren’t the only ones lending a helping hand. Around 73 students and families of St. Lambert School gathered together this Saturday to rake the yards of the elderly and those who cannot do it for themselves. The free act of service is part of the school’s “rake a difference day” tradition. The principal says she hopes this simple gesture will teach the children the importance of helping the community.

“We are trying to instill in them the sense of giving to others, without expecting anything back themselves,” says Davis.

Which seems to be paying off.

“Well I feel happy that I can make such a difference to these people’s lives, by doing something as simple as raking someone’s yard,” says St. Lambert student, Annie Olson.

“When we help people, it makes us a better person,” says St. Lambert student, Ellie Olson. “Then we can do the right thing all the time,”

For the people on the receiving end, the joy they feel is hard to put into words.

“It’s really wonderful to have someone show up and do the yard for you,” says Sioux Falls resident Karen Sagness. “Cause I would be out here by myself trying to get it all done, put it in the bags and drag it off. So this is wonderful,”

The students also say they know one day, they will reap the rewards of their good deeds.

“I feel like this would be awesome if I could grow up and have this happen to me. Then I know it’s living on more,” says O’Gorman student, Jacob Olson.

Around 20 lawns were cleaned up by the students. The participants receiving the help are members of St. Lambert, St. Therese, and Lady of Guadalupe parish.



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