Tail Waggin Tutors Bone Up Kids’ Reading Levels

Tail Waggin Tutors Bone Up Kids' Reading Levels

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. — Beginning readers are now able to bone up their reading skills with the help of a furry friend.

Roxie is a certified therapy dog who is all ears when it comes to story time. Kids are able to hone their reading skills with Roxie as an audience.

Anne Smith is Roxie’s owner, and she says it’s important to have dogs available since they provide a relaxed environment.

“Dogs don’t judge kids, so if they make a mistake that’s fine. It’s relaxed and a kid’s confidence is built by just reading to a dog. Also, emotionally a lot of kids connect with dogs and open up,” adds Smith.

Roxie is one of a hundred therapy dogs who also visit nursing homes, hospices and schools.

Almost all Siouxland Library locations host Tail Waggin Tutors, and Roxie makes an appearance once a month during the school year.

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