Sioux Falls Company Launches Customized Screen Protectors

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.-Imagine customizing your phone screen protector to have a picture of your pet, your favorite sport, or even food? Thanks to a Sioux Falls business man and his company, now you can.

It’s the first of its kind screen protector that’s unbreakable, reusable, and comes in different customized designs.

“It’s brand new, it’s never been done before. Every screen protector out there historically has just been a clear piece of plastic,” says CEO of Cimarron Label, Randy Cowan.


Screenflair the newly launched screen protector was created by the CEO of Cimarron Label Randy Cowan. Cowan came up with the idea two years ago and partnered with Henkinschultz Creative Services to make the vision come alive. Now there’re more than 200 designs customized to fit different smart phones.

“Endless option of what you can put on there. Whether it’s sports, whether its food, whether it’s style,” says Henkinschultz Creative Services Director of Brand Strategy, Matt Entringer. “That’s really the cool part, you are giving people a choice to put what they like on their phone,”.

The designs are made light enough, so that you can use your phone without distractions. Experts also say unlike regular screen protectors, there won’t be any residue left behind.

“You can pick it up and reapply it, which is really great cause a lot of screen protectors you can’t do that,” says Entringer. “Now you saw the bubbles we had the first time just from me not applying it the right away, but you can really work your way down and you see how much better it was this time,”

The screens are sold online for less than $10. However with time the company hopes to have them sold inside retailers.

“It will become something that will be very common in phone accessories, phone décor in the months and years ahead,” says Cowan.

Another future goal the company has is to bring an economic impact for the city.

“And hopefully we can expand and add more jobs in Sioux Falls,” says Entringer.

The company is currently looking at finding ways to have customized cases that go along with their Screenflair designs. If you would like to purchase a screen protector visit:


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